Productivity and Life Balance Support for Parents

I help parents get more things done with less stress, while living a balanced life. You can’t always do it all, but you can still be productive and make conscious choices… finding the happy balance that works for you and your family. Sometimes it just takes a little help to get yourself there.

One-on-one personal coaching with me is a great way to get perspective and support from an experienced coach and fellow parent. We work together to improve your productivity, time management and life balance. I work with clients over the phone, so it’s easy and convenient to make your coaching session happen from your home or office at a time that works for you.

Want to learn more? Request a free, no-obligation phone call to find out if coaching together can help you. You can also see what my clients have to say.

I work with people with all sorts of lifestyles, backgrounds, orientations and beliefs.

How Does It Work?

Through a combination of telephone sessions, email interactions, fieldwork assignments and more, I can help you:

  • get out from under the craziness,
  • create time management and organizational structures that work for you and your family,
  • examine your priorities and how you act on them,
  • make some much-needed time for yourself and your relationship, and
  • make progress on your goals.

How Much Does It Cost?

The parent productivity coaching package is $145 per month for a three-month program which includes:

  • Two 45-minute telephone coaching sessions per month for three months
  • Individualized weekly action steps developed in session to help you assess and implement improvements in your life balance and stress level
  • Unlimited email support during program and for 30 days following

Weekly coaching, monthly coaching and other schedules are also possible; contact me for information about custom coaching packages.

How Can I Start?

Learn more about productivity and life balance coaching for parents. Request a free, no-obligation phone call. and take the first step today towards a more productive, fulfilling life.

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