• Why would I hire a coach?
    A coach can help you clarify your vision, get a fresh perspective, hold you accountable, be a sounding board and a cheerleader, set and achieve goals, translate your ideas into actions and projects, uncover and overcome what's holding you back... and more. If you feel stuck in a rut, unclear about your next direction, or still mired in the same challenge after already putting in a lot of work to move forward, a coach is a great way to get support and make breakthroughs. Here are some topics I can offer coaching around:
    • Productivity
    • Time management and organization
    • Life balance
    • Juggling work, spouse, children and your own needs
    • Making your personal projects actually happen
    • Reigniting your creative passion and making time for hobbies
    • All kind of other stuff! My coaching is always focused on what the client wants coaching around.
  • Are you a super productive, always-organized parent with perfect life balance?
    Nope! I don't strive to be the perfect anything and neither should you. I focus on being organized, productive and balanced enough, and to live a happy loving life.  I have my own challenges and flaws. I do know a lot about productivity and life balance, and strive to practice what I preach. I love being able to offer my perspectives on these issues and have lots of resources and ideas I can share. But I'm a work in progress just like everyone else.
  • Where did you learn to become a coach?
    I completed a training program at International Coach Academy and am certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation.
  • Is coaching like therapy?
    No, coaching and therapy are very different, and I am definitely not a therapist. Therapy is typically designed to address mental health issues, to heal deep emotional wounds, and/or to explore past traumas.  Coaching is designed to help a mentally healthy, whole and resourceful person address challenges, achieve goals, and improve upon their own success.
  • Do I need to live near Seattle to coach with you?
    Not at all, you can live anywhere.  My coaching sessions take place by phone, and we can work together from anywhere in the world.
  • Am I a good fit for coaching?
    Probably, if you are reading this! You are a good candidate for coaching if you:
    • Have one or more areas of your life that you would like to maximize, change, or improve,
    • Are open to challenge and change– and ready to spend some time and energy to create that change,
    • Take responsibility for your own life and choices,
    • Are ready to invest in yourself, and
    • Consider yourself emotionally and mentally healthy right now.
  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a creative, collaborative process in which your coach helps you achieve clarity, growth and success - on your terms. Life coaching is different from the support you might get from a spouse, friend or therapist because a coach is objective and supports your own success as you yourself choose to define it. Coaching takes place during conversations in which a coach might ask questions, suggest exercises or perspectives to help you re-examine your challenges and goals, brainstorm with you to help you find creative ways to get what you want, or help you develop specific action plans to move forward. The coaching process also extends beyond these conversations to include the actions you take and changes you might make in between sessions.

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