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Come, sit with me for a few minutes in the sunshine. Take a deep breath and have a sip of coffee or tea while our children play rambunctiously just within sight. We’ll have conversations punctuated by brief interjections and interventions their way. We’ll share stories and sympathize and brainstorm and giggle. (The giggling is perhaps the most important because everything’s lost if we can’t remember how to laugh about it all…)


I’m a work-at-home and stay-at-home mom, balancing caring for my amazing toddler with working part-time as a life coach. As a life coach with a focus on productivity and life balance, I help parents shed stress, become more productive, balance work and self and family, and create space for more self-nurture and fun.

In addition to working with coaching clients and writing about parenting on Simply Sane Parent, I also blog about time management. My son, husband and I live in Seattle where in between fingerpainting and jaunts to the park, I occasionally make it out solo for a drum circle or dance class.

Simply Sane Parent
This is not a parenting blog; rather, it’s a parent blog, or really it’s a blog about being a person AND being a parent… not so much about raising children, but about how raising children changes us and impacts the rest of our lives.

How we can nurture our children, get stuff done and still somehow nurture our own personhood, too… happily and sanely. Simply and with ease, certainly also with effort and hard work, but mostly while staying in a vibrant flow.

A happy parent makes for a happy family. Happy families make for happy children, and happy families have both happy children and happy parents. And happy parents find happiness not only in their children, but also in living a balanced life that creates space for the self to blossom and breathe. It’s all interconnected as far as I am concerned, in the ecosystems that are family and community and beyond.

Let’s have a conversation about how being a parent affects things like life balance, working inside or outside the home, your social and love life, self-care and creativity, time management, productivity, and more. While I like to think that my life experience has given me some insight to share on these topics, I’m also new here and sharing my learning as I go along – since I am a pretty new mom! So, I look forward to our learning from one another in this space.

My sweet son surely makes the occasional appearance here. However, this blog is primarily about how my rest-of-self is balanced with my parent-self. How can we can nurture themselves while nurturing our children?

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  1. Anya says:

    Hi Thekla,

    This is Anya – we went to LW together and sat through lots of Japanese classes! I’m happy to find your blog (through the LW magazine). I’m also a stay-at-home mom of a 2 year old boy (and am finishing my PhD). I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog and hope to follow it in the future.

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