Connect: My Theme for 2012

Last year, I was too sleep-deprived to blog about my one-word theme for 2011, but I did choose one: nurture. I wanted to focus on gently feeding and supporting myself, my child, my husband, my friends and family, and my business.

This year my focus is to Connect.

2 flamingos snuggling up to create a heart shape

Photo by Kjunstorm (Creative Commons) 

Here are some ways I want to explore my theme of connection this year:

  • Connecting with blog readers and clients, current and new
  • Connecting with other bloggers, coaches and other neat people
  • Connecting with all the people I love
  • Deepening the interconnections between different aspects of myself: spirituality, creativity, mom, spouse, dancer, business woman, and more
  • Connecting the pieces of my business more cohesively so that people better understand what I offer as a coach

So thank you for being here… let’s keep connecting in 2012!

Do you have goals, resolutions, themes or intentions set for 2012? Please share your thoughts in the comments or link to your post– I’d love to know what you’re up to.

P.S. Want help with setting and achieving your goals in the New Year? I’m currently accepting new clients who are ready to achieve great things by improving their goal-setting, follow-through, productivity and time management. Contact me for more info or learn more here.

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3 Responses to Connect: My Theme for 2012

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  2. “Connection” is a good theme word to focus on in 2012. The things I am working on actually fit under that umbrella, though I hadn’t thought of it like that until I read your post. That’s why I love visiting your blog–you always give your readers food for thought. :)

  3. Thekla Richter says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jean! Hope your year is full of all the connections that you want for yourself :)

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